Post Workout Meal For Vegetarians

Post Workout Meal For Vegetarian 

When you workout for a certain time, your energy gets exhausted and your muscles get tired. For the quick replenishment of energy you have to eat a combination of carbohydrates and protein sources. However the combinations of food items are individualized and you can have items as per your preferences but care should be taken on proper combination of each nutrient required by the body. There must be a proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals to boost the energy of the body. Let’s explore  post workout meal for vegetarian. 

Post Workout Meal For Vegetarian

The stereotype that vegetarians are weak and a vegetarian diet leads to poor performance is nothing more than the misconception. If you are a vegetarian you must have to think about your protein sources. You have to be wise while choosing food.  Even though there are a lot of plant based protein sources available, it is always appealing to conduct experiments on different recipes. You will be always looking to cook something new. Basically carbohydrates and proteins are consumed in the ratio of 3:1. During workout you may have depleted all of your stored energy sources. So, replenishment is essential. Not only energy but also the protein sources are deplenished after workout. So, for repairing the broken down muscle tissues, diet must be supplemented with proper concentration of protein. Apart from the physiological aspect of recovery, it too has a psychological aspect that it avoids you from unhealthy diets during the day time. So, for abstaining from unhealthy diets you must work for a post workout meal. 

Why Do Post Workout Meal For Vegetarian Matters?

Food materials after digestion are stored in the form of glycogen in our body. These reserve food materials are consumed in the form of glucose during workout. As the stored food material goes on depleshing, we feel exhausted. Such stored food material acts as fuel for the workout. So, it is vital to replenish this energy. Fueling up the body in the right way is crucial for proper muscle development and growth of body parts. Therefore, there must be a balanced proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals in your diet. Improper diet may lead to ill health and you cannot perform well in any field. That’s why the post workout meal  for vegetarian matters. 

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How Long After Workout Should I Eat? 

Many researchers have found that recovery continues for 24 hours and begins within 1-2 hours of workout. So, you should start eating as soon as you can. It is always good to eat well after a hard workout. Eating as soon as possible after a hard workout not only satisfies your appetite but also prevents you from consuming unhealthy diets during the day. 

What Do I have To Eat After workout? 

First and foremost after workout you have to drink a big bottle of water. Hydration is crucial for different body systems. So, drink plenty of water after workout. After that you have to consume nutrients that can be driven from different sources. Basically these nutrients are similar to what you have burned during your workout.  Talking at macro level this includes proteins and carbohydrates. 

It is difficult to say the exact amount of proteins and carbohydrates that you need for your recovery. However a general protein requirement falls between 1.2 to 1.6 gram proteins per kilogram of your body weight. 

What About Pre-workout Meals?

For the athlete people, it is always good to have some carbohydrate rich snacks before workout. Having a small snack before workout maximizes the blood glucose level available for energy. You can have fruits with granola bars having less than five gram of fat as a pre-workout meal. Since carbohydrates have a lesser amount of fats and fiber that helps to minimize the gastrointestinal distress. 

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How Much Should I Eat?

Always focus on quality of diet rather than quantity. Small quantity of food with all essential nutrients is always better than a huge food with less nutrients. So, before consuming food make sure that your food consists of plenty of nutrients.  

Let’s talk about some post workout snacks that a vegetarian people can have: 

Post Workout Meal For Vegetarian (Snacks)

1. Protein Breakfast Bars

If your workout takes place in the wee hours of morning, you might be searching for high protein sources. These protein breakfast bars are excellent to thrust your protein needs. In these bars between the coconut, mixed nuts and seeds are placed. Undoubtedly these bars will propitiate your hunger. 

2. Overnight Oats

Oats are a great source of protein. Brownie batter overnight oats with chocolate flavor are delicious and it is obviously hard for you to believe that you are eating something healthier. 

3. Mexican Lentil soup

The delicious, warming, protein packed lentil soup is excellent for cool weather. Enjoy this recipe with  sliced avocado on the top for a creamy texture. 

4. Black Bean 

You can enjoy black beans with sweet potato chili. They are good to keep you warm. 

Post Workout Meal For A Fitter

Being a vegetarian, you probably must be serious about your health and fitness. You have to be wise enough to select food items that replenish your nutritional hunger. For a fitter, there must be a supply of good quality foods to fuel your body at the training. Let’s talk about different post workout meals for fitter. 

Post Workout Breakfast 

The fitter can have any of the following as breakfast: 

1. Green Waffles With Cream Cheese

This diet can provide you with 20 gram protein and 419 kilocalorie energy. These waffles with a considerable amount of fats and carbohydrates are excellent post workout meal vegetarian. 

2. Cottages Cheese Pancakes

You can keep them chugging them throughout the day. They are gluten free and super easy to make. This can supply 36 gram proteins and 441 kilocalorie energy. 

3. Healthy Greens And Beans As Breakfast

These recipes are rich in carbohydrates with ample proteins. These can supply 25 gram protein and 384 kilocalorie energy. 

4. Yogurt As Breakfast

This recipe is excellent for breakfast and provides 21 gram protein and 304 kilocalorie energy. 

5. Mint, Pineapple And Spinach Smoothie

You can have this as a cool and refreshing drink. This supplies about 20 gram protein and 319 kilocalorie energy. This smoothie with fresh mint is good after a long run. 

Post Workout Lunch 

1. Egg salad 

Egg salad recipe with beets is good for weight loss. This can add 24 gram protein and 446 kilocalorie energy in your body. 

2. Sweet potato salad

This is a rich source of energy providing 589 kilocalorie of energy and 30 gram protein. This recipe is rich in beta-carotene. These roasted sweet potato salads with pesto and feta are excellent post workout meal for vegetarian. 

 3. Bicep buster

This is also a rich source of energy. It can supply about 35 gram protein and 647 kilocalorie energy. 

4. Egg plus toast 

Eggs are high quality protein rich food. When combined with grain toast serves as an excellent recovery source. You can also add some veg items like mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach as a source of antioxidants. 

5. Apple with peanut butter

The carbohydrates from the apple and fats from peanut butter acts as an excellent source of fueling up the body for post workout meal  for vegetarian. 


The assumption that the vegetarian diet makes people weak and lowers the performance of athletes is nothing more than misconception. You should be wise enough to choose your diet containing proper balance of proteins and carbohydrates. As the stored food material gets exhausted after a hard workout, the body needs replenishment. First you have to drink plenty of water and then different plant based items containing high amounts of proteins and carbohydrates should be consumed to replenish the broken tissue.. Replenishment of the body is essential for proper growth and development of the body. That’s why, Post Workout Meal For Vegetarian matters. So, eat as soon as you can after a hard workout. 

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