Top 10 Vegan Bodybuilders 

Vegan Bodybuilders 

Many vegan bodybuilders have proved themselves by winning various titles in different competitions. Even in certain cases the non-vegetarian bodybuilders have failed to compete with them. Many vegan bodybuilders have established themselves as professional fitness models. Some have proved themselves as competitive bodybuilders over a decade. Many of them have encouraged many people to follow a vegan lifestyle and even made the competitive builders to reconsider their diet. They suggest that besides healthy food, sleep and care are the most important and crucial things for strong, healthy and developed muscles. 

If you are thinking of changing your food style, some bodybuilders will obviously encourage you to follow a vegan lifestyle. In this article, we will talk about 10 influential bodybuilders who have proven themselves in their field and have won many titles in tough competition by defeating meat eaters. Let’s explore them.

1. Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado was grown in Mississippi. He has been vegetarian throughout his lifestyle and changed to vegan in 2015 indicating certain ethical and environmental issues. Nimai has never eaten meat in his life but has proven himself as a competitive bodybuilder. By shifting to a vegan lifestyle he wants to deliver a message among the people that we can build our muscles without meat. He has got an IFBB pro card at the Las vegas NPC USA Championship  in 2016. According to him, his ultimate goal is to compete in the olympia competition. He has been working hard for many years to win a medal in the upcoming olympia competition. According to him, he has courage to defeat the other competitors who have been consuming meat.  

He also runs that provides workout routines, recipes and meal plans. If you want to explore more about him, you can visit his instagram page. 

2. Zak Belknap 

Zak Belknap became vegan in 2016 but has been following a vegetarian lifestyle for a long time. According to him, his physical condition has much improved after he has changed to vegan. He has won his WNBF pro card in 2018. Belknap credits one of the bodybuilder friends for this achievement. According to him he will not be able to achieve this if he has not changed his lifestyle. Once he changed his diet he has never looked back. Zak Belknap is also a personal trainer and he also won Bold body fitness in Eugene, Oregon. His main aim is to promote vegan bodybuilding among his clients. You can have more information about him on his instagram page. 

3. Anastasia Zinchenko 

Anastasia Zinchenko is one of the popular powerlifters. He is also famous for vegan bodybuilding. Zinchenko is native of the United Kingdom and has a Phd in Biochemistry. She is also a popular nutrition and fitness coach. Zinchenko mainly competes in 63 kg and 72 kg weight categories. Some of her best performances are elucidated below:


63 kg class= 115 kg 

72 kg class= 117.5 kg 

Anastasia is also the co-founder of science bikes and he has been following a vegan lifestyle since 2013. She also suggested a post workout plan to many of the clients.  

You can have detailed information about her on her instagram page. 

4. Karl Bruder 

Karl Bruder has been following a vegan lifestyle since 2016. Despite following a vegan diet he has won many competitions defeating meat eaters. Recently he has won the tall class in the WABBA grand prix. He stood sixth in the Mr. Universe competition. A documentary named “The Game Changer” has changed his way of life and it was much easier for him to change his lifestyle as his wife was already vegan. Bruder shares his experience saying that muscle growth was rapid after he changed his way of life. Nowadays he has been advocating meatless muscle after his own achievement. 

Talking about his personal performance, he stood first in the tall class of PCA physical culture competition. He also holds second position in the WABBA Mr. England competition.  

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5. Torre Washington

Torre Washington has been following a vegan lifestyle for a long time. Since 1988 he has been a vegan bodybuilder but did not participate in competition for a long time due to his personal reasons. He  competed in the competitive stage only in 2009. After that he has won many titles in several tough competitions where he defeated bodybuilders who have been following a non-vegetarian lifestyle. Since 2009, he has participated in 16 competitions and finished all these competitions placing himself in top three in  each competition. His performance on stage has motivated several young bodybuilders and they have changed their food habits and started following a vegan lifestyle. 

Torre has been vegetarian throughout his life before changing to vegan. He also serves as physique coach. He has been working as a bodybuilder and nutrition guide for the past many years. 

6. Korin Sutton 

Korin Sutton has been in the military for eight years and served in Operation Iraqi freedom III and Iv. Then he turned to bodybuilding. According to Korin, Torre Washington was his role model who taught him about the possibility of being a bodybuilder following a vegan lifestyle. 

Korin also works for animal rights and he said that following a vegan diet he won’t have to be involved in killing animals. He is also an ISSA certified sport nutritionist and fitness trainer.  Talking about the benefit of following vegan food, he said that he has achieved overall wellness. 

 According to him, his meal plan for average day is as:

He usually eats 6-8 meals a day. During morning time he usually has organic oats, organic brown rice, peanut butter and almond milk. At lunch time he has organic brown rice pasta, Tofurkey sausage and organic tomato sauce. For dinner he usually has organic quinoa, mixed vegetables and sweet potato and little vegetable broth. 

7. Greg Lachance 

Greg Lachance is a great vegan bodybuilder of Canada. He is 45 years old and has competed in many tough categories. He has won the pro card with the IFBB. Lachance is a great sport enthusiast and explains himself as hundred percent naturally prepared for life. He said for him health is first and stage is secondary. His diet is free of meat and dairy products and he never uses drugs. 

Greg has given much effort for planning his meal. He usually has smoothies based on soy milk, seeds and oats.  He also includes sprouted beans, salads, vegan products and different kinds of fruit and stated that this all has been really working for him. Therefore , he suggests following a vegan diet. Lachance believed that his performance has also been improved due to his way of living. According to him, being vegan is the driving force behind his body transformation. 

8. Jehina Malik

Jehina Malik has an impressive physique and has been participating in bodybuilding competitions since she was 19. She stood first place in women’s physique and also in the NPC Eastern USA Bodybuilding championship. In 2014 she was awarded a pro card by IFBB. She was the first vegan since birth who has won the title.  As she was born in a vegan family, unlike other vegan bodybuilders she doesn’t have to transform into it.  She said that they have a garden in their backyard which provides them with a lot of fresh veggies. Jehina was also an animal activist which motivated her to stay vegan and she strongly believes that by following a vegan lifestyle she can stay healthy and strong.

She eats a lot of nuts and lentils has been her way of life. She follows strong training to maintain her impressive physique. She has strong hopes to qualify for the next stage in Olympia. If you want to explore more about her, you can visit her instagram page.

9. Kenneth G Williams

Kenneth G William is the American’s first vegan champ. Kenneth has maintained his unique physique without having meat in his diet. He is a professional vegan bodybuilder as well as personal trainer and financial advisor. Talking about his journey of bodybuilding, I have been weightlifter for more than 15 years and recently three years ago I started bodybuilding.  Sharing about his journey to vegan lifestyle, he explained that he was keenly interested in veganism before he actually started it. He also stated that it is possible to get all the required nutrients for the body even through the vegan lifestyle. He further stated that as a vegan he mostly rely on soy protein powders, soy products and vegetables and essential omega-3 fatty acid is obtained from hemp. His health has been improving even more and muscle growth is also satisfactory even after he changed his way of life to veganism. He also encourages us to be vegan.

10. Billy Simmonds

He was also a popular professional vegan bodybuilder. He has been eating meat since his teens. However he has only followed a fully plant based diet since the 2000s. He is native of Australia and has been popular as a vegan powerlifter and natural bodybuilder. After three years of following a vegan lifestyle, he has won the title of INBA Mr. Universe in 2009. He is also able to break the two powerlifting records and was the first Australian to compete in International fitness Professional Association. If you want to explore more about him, visit his instagram page.


As explained by the above top 10 vegan bodybuilders, we can achieve an influencing result in bodybuilding following a vegan lifestyle. These professional vegan bodybuilders prove that being vegan is not a way of choosing downside. You can win the tough competition even by following a vegan lifestyle. However, care should be taken in proper choice of food items, their combinations and frequency of meals per day. At last these top 10 vegan bodybuilders not only motivate us to be vegan, but also disprove the misconception about veganism. 

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